Our yoga practice moves with us off the mat and into the world. After we find our center in the studio, we return to it repeatedly through our days at work and play, with family and friends or in solitude. The effects of our practice continue after savasana and namaste.

What characterizes the yoga community beyond what we do on the sticky mat is lifestyle: It’s what we eat, read, consume – and don’t consume – and generally how we treat one another. It’s the way our yoga practice permeates our lives. It’s what we do to support ourselves and each other  to live and work in our community, locally and, to promote peaceful living.

At times we offer special workshops or participate in events to support our practices. In October the Yellow Tree Yoga will again offer an Ayurveda  Seasonal Reset.  Check back for more information to learn more about Ayurveda and living mindfully with the wisdom this system offers.

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