Yellow Tree Yoga is a space for practicing yoga and developing awareness that allows individuals to integrate the practice into their lives. It allows the freedom to live with full awareness within our own bodies, minds and spirits and cultivate a sense of well being. We believe in grounding our community in these ideals by closely working with others who practice, teach, and offer opportunities for such growth.

Yoga at Yellow Tree offers us a mirror into our deeper selves so we can observe the natural cycles and changes in both our body and spirit. The goal of our practice is not improvement, but rather contentedness  as our practice reveals who we are. Yoga is not a chance to compare ourselves to a false ideal of who we should be: we reserve making judgments and instead focus our intention on the deeper truth of the peace and love that lives within each of us.

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Deepen Your Practicedeepen

As the final special class offering of our Live and Learn program, join us for this special 2 and 1/2 hour session. We will start our morning with a 75 minute Journey into Power flow.  Using Baptist methodology, we’ll incorporate the five elements and True North Alignment principles as we move through familiar poses.  Leave your perceived limitations at the door please, as you are sure to discover a sense of strength you didn’t think you had!
The second half of our class we will relax with some partner stretching and for those who feel like “flying” we’ll make our way to some fun partner play! While this class is designed for those with some yoga experience, you don’t have to have experience in partner yoga or acro-play to participate and enjoy this class. Partner up with a yoga buddy, or find one in the room of Yellow Tree friends!