Yellow Tree Yoga is a space for practicing yoga and developing awareness that allows individuals to integrate the practice into their lives, allowing the freedom to live with full awareness within our own bodies, minds and spirits and cultivate a sense of well being. We also believe in growing our community towards these ideals by closely working with others who practice, teach, and offer health and wellness opportunities. We enjoy being members of our  local business community and support and engage in many local activities and events.

When individuals walk through our door, we hear everything from “my doctor suggested I try yoga” to “I just need to calm my mind.” Some enjoy the benefits of muscular strength, stability and range of motion while others experience increased flexibility and less joint pain. Others focus on mental and emotional clarity by connecting the body to the mind. Yoga meets you where you are each time you practice, providing benefits that change just as we continuously evolve.

At Yellow Tree Yoga, we practice a Vinyasa style, based on a traditional Hatha yoga with influences from many other styles. It combines traditional postures and movements while  encouraging mindful breathing.

We balance strength and stretching with the meditative and contemplative aspects of yoga.  We want yoga to be accessible to all who have an interest.  Yoga has been found to have many benefits including the ability to

  • Strengthen and stretch muscles
  • Stabilize and align joints
  • Develop mental focus and clarity
  • Improve balance
  • Expand breathing capacity and cardiovascular endurance
  • Cultivate a sense of physical and mental well-being

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